Cowboy Chic

Cowboy Chic Western Style Comes Home


Western Barstool

as seen in

  Cowboy Chic Western Style Comes Home

by Chase Reynolds-Ewald


Available from  Gibbs-Smith Publishing


Excerpt from Cowboy Chic.

" What I'm trying to do," explains Greg Race," is blend some traditional forms and shapes, like the stylized cabriolet Queen Ann--style legs, and take the guts and meat of it but distill it down to something really simple, really tradional.  That's what I'm trying to do with most of my work.   We're after a look that's western, but contemporary."

Quandary_Design_-_Western_Barstools_2jpg.jpg (81467 bytes)

Barstools crafted by Greg Race of Quandary Design in Colorado would be a classy addition to a home kitchen.  Here, they complement an unusual western bar at the Buffalo Bar and Grill inside the newly constructed Yellowstone Club near Big Sky, Montana.  Photo: Rob Wilke.


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